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SUDHAKAR Flat cables are manufactured from bright electrolytic grade copper, ideal for submersible pump motors. The outer sheath of the cable is made from special grade of abrasion resistant PVC compound to provide higher electrical safety from water, grease and oil, and for a longer cable life.

Nom. Cross Sectional Area of ConductorNos. & Diameter of Wire nos.Nominal Thickness of Insulation Nominal Thickness of SheathApprox Overall Dimensions Width x HeightCurrent RatingMax DC Resistance at 20°C
1.014/ x 4.81318.1
1.522/0.30.701.011.2 x 5.11612.10
2.536/0.30.801.113.3 x 5.9207.41
456/0.30.851.215.3 x 6.7274.95
684/0.30.851.217.4 x 7.4343.30
10140/ x 8.9441.91
16126/ x 10.2611.21

** Conductor shall be Class 2 for 1.0, 1.5 & 2.5 Sq.mm & for other size shall be Class-5

  • Approval : IS 694:2010 marked
  • Conductor : As per Class V (IS: 8130 2013)
  • Insulation : Sheathing of standard PVC, HR PVC
  • Marking : Cables are printed with marking of SUDHAKAR – (Core) (Size Sq.mm) 1100 V with CM/L No. 6300032284
  • Colours : Red, Yellow, Blue with Black with PVC sheath
  • Packing : Bobbins of 500m length are available request. 


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