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SUDHAKAR Twin core Flat cables are manufactured from bright electrolytic grade Aluminium, ideal for mainlines to houses, buildings and complexes. Aluminium is used to a considerable extent for transmission lines because its weight is one half of that of copper for the same conductance. As it has 1.4 times the linear coefficient of expansion, changes in sag with temperature are greater.

The aluminium wires are drawn, annealed and circular compact conductor and uniform resistance. Our cables are ISI marked. The outer sheath of the cable is made from a special grade UV resistant PVC compound and withstands adverse weather conditions to provide greater electrical safety and lesser sag for a longer cable life. Suitable for operation upto 1100 volts. We use H2 grade plain Aluminum conductors which possess high tensile strength.

No.s & Diameter of Wire
Nom Cross-Sectional Area of ConductorSolidStrandedNominal Thickness of InsulationNominal Thickness of SheathApprox Overall Dimensions Width x HeightCurrent RatingMax DC Resistance at 20°C
2.51/1.827/0.650.701.010.5 x 6.61812.10
41/2.267/0.860.801.012.0 x 7.4237.41
61/2.797/1.050.801.113.0 x 8.0304.61
101/3.577/1.351.001.416.0 x 9.67403.08
    • Approval : IS 694:2010 marked
    • Conductor: As per Class I & II (IS: 8130:2013)
    • Insulation: IS: 5831, Type A+ PVC
    • Sheathing: ST1 PVC
    • Marking: Cables are printed with marking of SUDHAKAR – (Core) (Size Sq.mm) 1100 V WPTC with CM/L No.6300032284
    • Colours: Red & Black with a Black colour PVC sheath


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